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GEBCO Meetings June 2006 in Bremerhaven, Germany

GEBCO Guiding Committee XXIII   19 - 20 June
Sub-Committee on Digital Bathymetry (SCDB) XXII   14 - 16 June
Sub-Committee on Undersea Feature Names (SCUFN) XIX   21 - 23 June
Consultative Group On Ocean Mapping (IOC-CGOM) X   17 and 19 June


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The GEBCO Guiding Committee, the Sub-Committee on Digital Bathymetry (SCDB) and the Sub-Committee on Undersea Feature Names (SCUFN) will meet in Bremerhaven, Germany from 14 - 23 June 2006. They also will have administrative and internal meetings with the Consultative Group on Ocean Mapping (CGOM) of IOC. This promises to be a major opportunity for all those interested in ocean mapping to congregate, review progress, present new results and discuss future activities.

The meeting will be hosted by the Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research (AWI), and will take place in the German Maritime Museum adjacent to AWI. Local organiser is Dr. Hans Werner Schenke.

Panorama Image
Photo of location, please click to enlarge. The German Maritime
Museum is the large building on the left side of the panorama picture.



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Call for Papers for presentation at the GEBCO Bathymetric Science Day 2006, June 15th

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Local contact

Dr. Hans Werner Schenke

Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research (AWI)
Postfach 12 01 61, 27515 Bremerhaven, Germany

Tel: +49 471 4831 1222, Mobile: +49 172 4359222
Fax: +49 471 4831 1977


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Time Schedule

Time schedule

  Wednesday 14th June – Friday 16th June: SCDB including an open one-day workshop
  Saturday 17th June: CGOM
  Saturday 17th June: SCDB break-out sessions and working groups
  Sunday 18th June: informal discussions and social time
  Monday 19th June, a.m.: Joint session of Guiding Committee and CGOM
  Monday 19th June, p.m. - Tuesday 20th June: Guiding Committee
  Wednesday 21st June – Friday 23rd June: SCUFN







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Meeting Agenda

Open Science Day - Time Table

SCDB - Agenda for the 22th Meeting of the Sub-Committee on Digital Bathymetry.

IOC-CGOM - Provisional Agenda for the 10th Session of the Consultative Group on Ocean Mapping.

GC - Agenda of the 23rd Meeting of the GEBCO Guiding Committee.

SCUFN - Draft Agenda for the 19th SCUFN Meeting. Further information can be taken from the IHO homepage.

Suggestions for agenda items should be addressed to:

Prof. R. B. Whitmarsh
GEBCO Permanent Secretary
School of Ocean and Earth Science, National Oceanography Centre,
European Way, Southampton SO14 3ZH, United Kingdom
Tel: +44 23 8059 6564 (office and voice mail)
Fax: +44 23 8059 3052


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Hotel accommodation

The following hotels all lie within 5 minutes walk distance of the meeting location. Block bookings have been made. Please quote "GEBCO-2006" when making a reservation. Rates are given in € Euro.

See also city map City Map of Bremerhaven.

The block-booked capacities in the Hotel am Theaterplatz are already full booked. If your budget should not allow for bookings in the hotels mentioned above, please notify us of this by sending an email to and we will assist you in finding other possibilities.

A limited number of rooms will be available in the AWI guest house which are suited to the needs of our younger participants, a request for this option should be sent to as soon as possible.


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Travel arrangements

There are several options for travelling to Bremerhaven. The nearest international airports are Bremen (65 km / 41 miles) and Hamburg (160 km / 100 miles); Hannover (150 km / 93 miles) is also a possibility. Bremen Airport has daily direct flights to a number of European cities like Amsterdam (4x), Paris (4x), London (3x), Copenhagen (2x), Brussels (2x), Frankfurt (6x) and Munich (9x).

The journey from Bremen International Airport to Bremerhaven by tram and train via Bremen central train station (Hauptbahnhof) takes approximately 60-80 minutes. The tram to the raillway station leaves from the airport every 20 minutes, the connecting train to Bremerhaven departs hourly, the journey to Bremerhaven will take 35 or 50 minutes.

The Hamburg Airport, which is located 8 km north-west of the city centre, is connected to Hamburg Hauptbahnhof (main station) via a shuttle bus departing every 15 min. The train ride from Hamburg to Bremerhaven takes approximately two hours, changing trains in Bremen is necessary.

Public bus transport from Hamburg or Bremen to Bremerhaven is not recommended.

Another alternative is to fly into Schiphol International Airport in Amsterdam and continue the journey by express train from the airport's own railway station to Bremen, which will take between four and six hours. The journey from Bremen to Bremerhaven will take 35 or 50 minutes.

For guests arriving at Bremen International Airport or Bremen main station, the possibility of being picked up by one of our shuttle buses can be offered. In order to make the corresponding arrangements we would like you to fill in the registration form with all the information about the date and time of your arrival as soon as possible.


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Supporting programme

As good practice from previous meetings, accompanying partners are very welcome to visit this part of our country. A special supporting programme will be arranged by the local organisation team. The detailed programme is available now and can be downloaded: Detailed Supporting Programme (PDF, 800 kB). The excursions can be booked separately, please fill out the registration form for the supporting programme and send it to us.

There will also be evening programmes for the whole group which will give you the possibility to socialise. One example is a guided tour of the recently opened German Emigration Centre in Bremerhaven followed by a diner in the New York Hall in the centre.

For the 2-3 days without common evening programme it is possible to plan your own programmes, such as concerts et. Some interesting offers will be listed here soon and we will be more than glad to book them for you.

A trip to the beautiful island of Helgoland will take place on Sunday June 18th. Features will be a guided tour featuring historical sights and information about the island and a visit to the AWI subsidiary Helgoland laboratory.

We will try to arrange for possibilities of watching selected matches of the Soccer World Championship on video walls either in a beautiful situated former Fisherman's wharf or at he Alter/Neuer Haven near our meeting venue for the interested parties.

We will be more than glad to assist you with local arrangements and special requests.


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About Bremerhaven

Germany is a member of the European Union and participates in the Eurozone. The Federal State of Bremen is the smallest (in area and population) of the Federal States (Bundesländer) of Germany but of vital economic significance. Bremen itself represents one of the major industrial cities of northern Europe. Bremerhaven, despite its location in the middle of Lower Saxony at the mouth of the Weser River approx. 60 km (32 M) north of Bremen, is part of the Federal State of Bremen. It was founded as Bremen's port in 1827 and today is still of the largest ports of Germany. Together with important centres in Kiel and Hamburg the Alfred Wegener Institute (AWI) for Polar and Marine Research in Bremerhaven forms the 'magic triangle' of marine research in Germany.

Latitude 53° 33' N and longitude 8° 35' E - that's Bremerhaven in exact geographical terms. At the gateway to the North Sea, Bremerhaven has turned into one of the largest seaports in Europe, a centre for marine and polar research, the largest fishing port in continental Europe, Europe's most important centre for frozen food processing, a centre for coastal research and, on top of all this, the commercial and cultural focal point of the region. Three minutes from the river side there's the shopping boulevard by the sea with art, culture and restaurants. Besides the German Maritime Museum (Deutsches Schiffahrtsmuseum) and the newly opened German Emigration Center (Deutsches Auswandererhaus) the Historical Museum (Historisches Museum) narrates the past impressively in a special type of local history museum. The famous Columbus Quay, where millions of emigrants began their journey and Elvis Presley arrived as a GI in the US Army, is today the heart of Europe's most up to date cruise terminal, the Columbus Cruise Center. The adjacent container terminal "Wilhelm Kaisen" (3,237 metres long) is the longest sea-quay in the world. Besides being Europe's fourth largest container port, well over 1.3 million cars a year are processed here in an area covering more than two million square metres.

Especially interesting for families, the "Zoo at the Sea" situated on the river embankment shows animals of the north - on land, in and beneath the water. More than 200 animals of 40 different species and 3.5 million litres of water occupy 8,000 square metres.


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Northwestern and coastal Germany have a maritime climate caused by warm westerly winds from the North Sea; warm summers characterize this type of climate. To this maritime weather the Icelandic low-pressure system and the Azores high-pressure system contribute the major air masses. Both of these air masses furnish Western Europe with moisture-laden clouds propelled by westerly winds. Thus there is precipitation all the year round. July is the warmest month when the temperature is 18°C in low-lying regions.

Weather reports, forecasts etc, partially including ads:


Links and references

IHO 2005: M-3, Section 2: Nautical Documents, Resolutions A 2.3. In: Publication M-3 "Resolutions of the International Hydrographic Organization", published by the International Hydrographic Bureau, Monaco, Version updated June 2005.


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Links to pictures in high resolution (~ 2.6 MB)
(for download please click on the small pictures)

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SCDB meeting GC meeting SCUFN meeting
(June 16th) (June 20th) (June 22th)


Pictures in lower resolution (~ 550 kB)


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